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Thursday, July 21, 2005



Take it easy on yourself! I am a full time SAHM and probably don't accomplish as much as you. I think that you are genius for making Butterbean the priority in your life. Hell, if I could hire someone to do that stuff for me I would. You are a GOOD mom.


I love that you call something in your house "fur babies." Are those the dogs? Even if they are the dogs (which is still awesome) I was picturing you feeding these furry little baby creatures who live in a shoebox. We bought our kid a book called "the fur family" or something like that and it is covered in faux-fur and it is her favorite book. Anyway, it is all about these random unidentifiable furry creatures.

I think you should continue to call whatever it you call "fur babies" for a long time. I wish we had dogs so I could call them fur babies. Love it.

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