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Saturday, August 13, 2005



Yes, pediatricians tend to frown upon crochet needles in the child's ear. They're funny that way. Soooo gross though, I agree. Been there. Glad it was just wax & not an infection! I'm loving your flickr pix of Butterbean. What a sweetheart.


Today... earwax pulled out of the ear in chunks. Tomorrow... miscellaneous small objects pulled out of the nose.

KIDDING! Or not. I don't know... I'm not there yet. But we all hear about that weird stuff.

auntie rachel says "eww, sick out", but asks that you not sell him off to the gypsies until she can see him crawl. and see his teefs.


wanna know something very very scary... I once had to do that for my husband..... seems he has an uncanny hability to grow earwax and never feels the neeed to remove it. But once, he went deaf and refused to go to the doctors. So one flashlight, a little dentist mirror and a bobby-pin (no crochet needle) later, I cured him of his sudden deafness and got to see the grossest thing I've ever seen in my life! The next day, I MADE him go to the doctor's and it turns out, he had even worst in the other ear.... I still married him, go figure!

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