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Thursday, August 18, 2005



Perhaps you can treat him with the giant chunks of wax out of Butterbean's ears. Oh, man. I just grossed myself out!


When I was growing up, we had a 100 lb+ black lab named Colby. There's really not much you can convince a dog like that to do unless it wants to do it, especially once they're old. Colby chewed on rocks. She didn't want bones or rubber toys or those weird hard stinky chunks of, what are they? Skin? Those creepy bleached things you can buy your dog in bulk that they chew on? Anyway, Colby would chew on rocks. You should have seen her teeth.


Cole is pretty old and stubborn, that is true, but generally lovable. And he will eat a nice piece of rawhide (the creepy bleached stuff) from time to time (although I hate buying it).

He isn't very discriminating, I am pretty sure that he would eat garbage if we would just pour a little syrup on it.


Michele sent me


My dog just played the sad face card so I gave him a piece of a tortilla. Then he needed to take his antibiotic pill so I put it in a piece of salami. He ralphed on the carpet. No more Mr. McSaddyPants face for me!

Michele sent me.


That doofus-like Lab attitude is just priceless, isn't it?

I so want one. My wife's thinking such a dog would turn me into the attitudinal equivalent of pet-puddy, so she's somewhat opposed to a Lab.

I'll be laughing all through breakfast after reading this. Thanks!

BTW, saw your link on Michele's and decided to pop in. Lucky me!

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