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Wednesday, August 24, 2005



OK, for those wondering... the bitter end is the name of the place. It now seems like a weird title for the post.


Thanks for the clarification. I was a little worried when I started reading the post!


Well, yeah. Clearly #3 was the way to go. And it worked! You got the guy. Good story.


"They proceeded to get into a drunk argument about the true foundation of American democracy, the model of democratic society as built by the Greeks, or Judeo-Christian moral code. Put a bullet in my head. UGH. I was sure that I would never hear from this guy again."

Yeah, you must have knocked him out that night with your own witty banter if he stuck around after a night listening to your friends argue about THAT. Ugh indeed. There should be a law against drunkenly arguing about geeky subjects around those not yet indoctrinated into your own geekiness.

Jaysus Tpon, you're on fire these days.

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