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Wednesday, September 21, 2005



sounds like a kick-ass wedding and reception.

what are Galls? Gauls? I'm picturing barbarian hoards, here, so clear that one up for me tpon. unless you want me to keep imagining a bunch of Gallic soldiers bowing to a few hundred dressed-up revelers.


For the benefit of Dutch and others... "Galls" is one of N.'s old roommates. Great NY-Irishman. A party just isn't a party without Galls.


While I'm sure Galls is a great guy, I hope you guys got a standing ovation at some point in the night!

Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! great pictures, btw. and your wedding sounds like it was everything you wanted it to be.


Happy 3 Years!! I hope that you are doing something terribly romantic to celebrate. No changing diapers. That's what Grandma is for, right?

PS You were a beautiful bride!


That is beautiful. You were a beautiful bride!

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