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Thursday, September 08, 2005



LOL!! That is too funny! I love to pick Aiden my 7 mo. old nose. It is an obsession. I think to myself that if I can't breathe with them in my nose, surely he can't either and I make it my mission to get the boogies out much to his dismay!! Thank you so much for the laugh.


Oh man, t'pon -- do you really have a choice? Of course you don't. It isn't physically possible for you to leave him alone with the stoner boogers hanging out on his face. You might be able to postpone getting out your turkey-baster-nose-thingie for like a minute or two, but eventually, you're going to have to go in there because that's just who you are. I feel you, I share your obsession.

My own booger story is related to allergies and a nose ring. bad combo. Luckily, I don't think Junebug has more than her fair share of boogers yet, but when they are in there, I can't be held back. and she reserves a special scream to express her displeasure with my booger-hunting. I know it makes no sense to fess with her when she's in a good mood, but if there's a booger lurking, I have to get it. I just have to.


Press on woman... I did with my oldest and now at the age of 4 he is nearly as obsessed with clean nasal passages as I am. Bean will catch on, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with ridding oneself of boogers.


And then yesterday, I so masterfully hit a booger with the bulb that I can't squeeze it back out. I think that it hit the backmost part of the bulb. Clearly, I have a gift. God must want me to use it for good.

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