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Monday, September 19, 2005



Bwwwaaaaahhahahaha! Oh, there are som many much, much worse things that the CPS has to deal with. Now be nice, or I will call your mother-in-law!


I appreciate the clarification, tpon. I originally imagined it was Nugget playing mama-bird to the bean's baby-bird. It was all very touching, this scene in my mind, with Nugget realizing how few teeth Bean has to do the work that he so easily could do for him. I guess I underestimated the Bean.


relax. The more you try to stop it, the more they'll do it behind your back! Dumpling regularly sticks her dirty toongue out for Mortimer and Lucy. We've lost the battle on that one. And can I tell you someting? She's never had a cold, not a single one!


It builds the immune system. (That seems to be a common mantra among us dads as moms freak out over things like that)

I just insist to my wife that our cat (sorry, no dogs yet. Those plans were scuttled when we found out we were having two babies instead of one) doesn't have germs - she's part of the family!

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