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Wednesday, September 14, 2005



I keep my post-partum pants around for no discernable reason other than to remoind myself how fat I am getting again. They are like a little warning hanging there in my closet, saying "Here we are. You are so close to wearing us again."

Have you seen these little chocolat covered ice cream bits? Very yummy. See my problem?


You're not even 30 yet! You're still young enough to wear low-slung pants. Don't give in to Ed Grimley. Once you do, you can never come back!


The very first thing I learned in my MFT program is that the most common mistake parents make is to treat their adult children like young children. In other words, the parent doesn't step back to see the adult child in his/her new form. So the parent still trys to . . . well, parent.

My mom did the same thing! Drove me INSANE.


Very funny. I feel you on the mom stuff. But for now I can't get over the cheerios stuck in bean's thighs -- that makes me laugh every time I think about it. It also makes me wonder if I should be giving Juniper cheerios -- she's pushing 8 months, but so far, her only finger foods are smearing avocado all over the tray. I am afraid she'd choke on cheerios, having never had to chew anything before. ??

Kent j

Low slung fashion is wrong for ANYONE. the hips are there to hold up PANTS.. and anyone wearing the low cut style ends up not with an HOURGLASS figure but with a THIRD "GLASS" or even hips that are not there. .jsut a straight line down.

i hate the style
hate moms that let their teens wear them
hate moms that wear them
hate any woman that wears the FREAKING AWEFUL fashion.

fck the designers that came up with it... must be GAY FCKING HOMOS>

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