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Tuesday, September 06, 2005



Don't ever tell anybody this, especially my mom. When my kids hit the wiggle worm stage, I changed them on the floor and pinned their arms and/or legs with one of my legs. They weren't thrilled with this solution, but it got the job done. Remember, you didn't hear it from me.


Still here! I've been absent from my very own blog as well - work, kids, Katrina, all the same stuff....

Looking forward to some more great entries, sounds like some good Bean-related topics are coming soon...


I have two tricks: a noisy toy, like the "Sassy" brand rattles are good. Once they have two hands and can shake something, it's a lot harder for them to flip their lower half over in protest. Or, in lieu of said toy, hand him a diaper. "Oh look! I have one now."

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