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Tuesday, October 04, 2005



I don't know if it is sub conscious guilt or not but I have the same thing happen for me. I would "hear" crying from each of my children when they were at that age and there wouldn't really be any.

It's freaky but like you said better that than train the kids that mommy will come running every time they cry. Eventually they will stop and we will actually get to sleep through the night. Right?


I loathe the phantom cries. They're much worse when you're not at home. Strange environments make you doubt your ears. That, and you're usually trying to keep the kid from seeming like an abandoned waif in front of others - family or not.

If you find a cure, pass it along.


You are SO much smarter than I with my first baby. We went in and rocked him every time he cried and if it was past, say, 4 am, he would end up in bed with us. I was WEAK! My husband would have loved to have been tougher, but I wouldn't have it. Stupid me. WEAK me.

We cured it when he was about 17 months old and I was pregnant with #2 - the hub convinced me we needed to cure the nightime blues well before the new baby came. And I couldn't argue with him there.

So, I read Dr. Weissbluth and a few others. At first I thought Dr. W was SO harsh. So I tried the "No-Cry sleep through the night" method, but it was cruel for the parents. Back to Weissbluth. And after about 3 nights of me clutching the sheets whilst my baby cried and cried and cried - it was pure sleep bliss!! Sure, a few set backs here and there, but mostly just simple and easy.

With #2, we followed Dr. W right from the start (at around 4 months). And now I can confidently say we are now SMART people!

My hat goes off to you for being SMART right from the START!


Well, Holly prety much summed up what I was going to say. Indulged the first one. The boys, totally did CIO. They sleep much better than she does.

I still hear the occasional phantom cry. Drives me nuts. But it gets better. It really does.


phantom cries are better than the reals ones we are still getting at 11:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:45 and 6:40. with phantom cries you don't have to get up and re-swaddle the little stinker who's standing up glaring at you from across the room.

hopefully by now you're back in Texas away from annoying bread trucks and the phantom cries are no more!

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