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Wednesday, October 26, 2005



Um, yeah...I'll get right on that! ;)


FYI...I used to play basketball every week with Tom Cavanagh. Wish I had something nasty to say about him but he's a really nice, cool and laid-back guy.


crap, your mention of "Ed" made me forget that I have a mancrush on Michael Ian Black and the entire cast of MTV's the state, yes, including Schowalter.

I am glad some woman other than my wife cannot tell her left from her right. Tell N I can sympathize with how hard it must be to go driving with you.


I'm getting right on that too... the thing about memes is that is takes me FOREVER to do them and I inevitably get frustrated and quit half way through. But, I love reading them when other people do them.


Ah, you are far too kind T'pon! Favorite Mommy indeed, I am flushing. I will make this my weekend assignment. This particular meme doesn't look too bad, so I am sure I will still like you when I am done.


very interesting, but I don't agree with you

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