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Friday, November 11, 2005



Right on! Giving back at the tender age of 9 months. You shall have a lot to write about, that is for sure.

So? The stick? PATIENTLY waiting....


How cool! I would totally have taken my kiddos to do that.

Now...::looking in Yellow Pages for "motion detector alarms"::


wow, that's awesome. here's four crossed fingers to the hope that the study's focus is NOT ACTUALLY "aggression in 9/10 month olds" with the wacky psychologists showing bean videos of monkeys beating their chests and knocking over ottomans and knocking fur babies out of their way with savage aplomb and gorillas pinching each other and then the scientists will show him pictures of the faces of angry wolverines and tazmanian devils and mongooses. then he'll come home superbean with a powerful electronic shower cap that harnesses his aggression and he's all like those crazy killa guys in 28 days later and not even N's ninja skills will be able to defeat him.


as the daughter of two reformed hippies as well, my memories revolve mostely around the two different pans of brownies... the ones for kids and the special ones for grown ups... ha, the memories!

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