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Wednesday, November 02, 2005



I'm sorry, I have no advice on the co-sleeping. But I CAN commiserate. Does that count? Whenever my little bean makes it into my bed... same thing. Sleep for me is NOT so restful.

I just wanted to say, hang in there!! You are indeed blessed as you said... but you are also a blessing to your family, I can tell by what you write. And your writing? Well, it just rocks. You had me rolling with the first two paragraphs... wrangling squirrels... too funny.


My advice on cosleeping: pray that his stitches heal real fast.

Otherwise, dang, Girl. No wonder you've been feeling unfunny. It's not fun to see your friends' marriages in the crapper. Yikes.


Like you I have been watching marriages fall apart around me. My husband and I look at each other and make an even harder effort to stay connected to one another--it's all you can do.


co-sleeping: it's all about the swaddle. use two or three blankets if you have to. he won't move if he can't move.

collapsing marriages: I feel like our generation thinks it's going to escape that thing, most of us waited so much longer than our parents to get married in the first place. it hasn't happened with any of our friends yet, but I can imagine how freaky it is when it does.


Swaddling probably only works when your 9 month old is as small as ours (16 lbs) -- I'm guessing Bean is bigger, and if he hasn't been swaddled in the last 6 months (like most babies), he won't like it. Not to take the wind out of Dutch's sail, but. . . .

And even with the swaddle, co-sleeping is never peaceful for the mama. Unless you have a big bed. We've spent nights in hotels with king sized beds that were quite nice. But in our little full? no way.

probably you can't go out and buy a new bed. hope the stitches heal soon!


So sorry to hear about the dissolving marriages of your friends. It hasn't happened to us yet but the statistics tell us it will soon. I know it's hard to be cheery now but, when you're feeling really down? Get on the floor and play with the Bean. I know, for me, it's hard for me to stay in a funk for every long when my daughter is babbling in my ear and smiling at me.

Hope everything works out for the best!


No good co-sleeping advice other than hope it's over soon. We tried it with our first. It was better for me than for SD. With the boys, they have always slept in their own beds.

Girl, I love reading your writing. Whenever you post I will be here (eventually. it's been a long week).

When are y'all making it up here to B'Creek? I want to get my hands on that sweet Butterbean!

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