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Tuesday, November 08, 2005



That is just WRONG!! Negative flippin' pediatrician! Besides, he has loads of growing ahead of him. At least you were smart to pick a tall guy (whispering: my husband is only 5'8") I obviously wasn't looking at genetics when I went there! This was way back when I thought I would never want kids (HAhahahaha). So far I have what is a potentially short guy and one maybe throwback to my side (he is tall for 6!! Hurrah!!) and a TALL girl (did I mention I am 5'8 and 1/2". Yes, I look down on my hub when I wear heels.) Who says that the tall guys are the most successful? Our kids will set the world on fire - 5'3 OR 6'3!


1. Apparently all babies look like their dads. This is unfair, because after carrying them for 10 months, gaining weight and enduring strange pains, and then managing to somehow push them out in one piece, every mama deserves to look at her babe and see SOMETHING from her. But alas, life is unfair.

2. I am so over those stupid percentiles. They mean nothing.


Generally, the percentiles and developmental milestones have never really bothered me. And it isn't like he went from 80% to below 50%, he has always been (dare i say it) average... but for some reason this just bugged me a little.


Fear not. Height is of no consquence as Bean is headed straight towards a Nobel Prize in science. No one even notices the height of those who make such lofty contributions to society. I'm already pondering my dress for the requisite trip to Stockholm to watch him accept.


I know. My first born has always been 90% in weight and 50% in height. Short and fat. Great. He's gonna LOVE that! As a baby, he looked like the Michelin tire guy, and I'm not even kidding!

Actually, though, I am SORT of kidding, because ever since he turned about 3.5 or so, he has been sprouting, and is now quite proportional. I read somewhere that a child's height at the age of three is roughly half of their adult height. So, when calculating that, I thought my kid might actually have a chance at tallness! Which made me feel a lot better.

So, I totally feel ya!


P.S. You have it all wrong... minivan's, while a close second, are not in fact Satan's preferred vehicles. Satan's #1 vehicle would be the SUV. I know, because I used to drive one of those gas-guzzling SOB's. Until one day it dawned on me that driving it went against all I believed in. So, we sold it, and bought... da, da da, DA... a minivan.

Yes, a minivan. I KNOW. Don't laugh. Once I got used to all that space in an SUV, I just couldn't reduce my space to a regular car or wagon. But, you gotta give me this... I do have a peace sign sticker in the back window. And given that I live in a RED (as in redder than red) state... that is pretty rebellious of me. So you gotta give me that!

Soon, I will move back to a fancy sedan or wagon, and be the proper conservationist I know I can be.

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