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Tuesday, January 17, 2006



holy smokes, I'd like to meet this kid. and I like the beansprout moniker. a lot.


I do like BeanSprout. However ...

I've got a friend whose son was born three months premature. He was so tiny that he was instantly nicknames Bean. Now he's five years old, perfectly normal and healthy, and you know what? Still the Bean.

Once a bean, always a bean. :)


Yes, Beansprout seems fitting for a toddler. I like it.

Now, for the talking. Yes, it is indeed cute. For now. But you are a smart woman, you can already see where it will lead to.... just keep the duct tape in large supply and you'll be good.

Liz C.

damn, that's a cute baby! If'n ya ever wanna see photos of my monsters, just e-mail me; I keep mine on snapfish, so I can link ya up right quick-like. Re: the nickname, I'm liking the "beansprout" thing, but what about "sprout"? I love that; makes me think of the little green giant from the commercials. And my husband, punk-ass that he is, is forever telling the kids, "Before you were 'Momma's little baby', you were 'Daddy's little squirt'." So guess what we call out littlest one? That's right. You may now commence barfing.

oh, and look, I actually added my URL, as requested. I'm making all kinds of great strides, now. Next thing you know, I may actually post a coherent comment.


Yeah, I like Beansprout, but Sprout's good too.

Can't believe your 11 month old knows inside and outside voices. Mine could break a high-ball glass from a block away, and there's no shushing her.


Oh, yes, you're in for all sorts of fun with this one. Just you wait and see. Not enough duct tape in Texas....


Ah, you've got quite a talker there! You should record some of his dialogue for posterity.

My daughter is also a talker. She babbles and talks, talks, talks all day long. She can carry on an incoherent conversation with a person for up to 20 minutes. It's crazy.


Hey t'pon--been trying to post a comment on your most recent post but my browser must be FUBAR.

Anyway, you MILF (duh, of COURSE you get the title), I loved this post--we found the same thing with the paci and Heavy D. When it's out, he babbles nonstop--often shrieking, even. But sometimes we need a break, and he's offered his paci in the middle of the day and ahhhh--a few moments' peace.

Beansprout (don't go abbreviating that, though--"BS" just doesn't sound so nice) sounds very advanced indeed, so you may be putting up with the "oh no he's grown up!" sooner than you wanted!

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