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Sunday, January 29, 2006



my favorite line: "What small morsel of this our English language have you chosen to share with us young man?"

Juniper is still stuck on the balls. Dutch is terrified she's going to be an athlete.


Both my kids said "cat" as their first word Yep, the cat ranked well above Mama. Mama was about number 100 for C and 50 for A. My pediatrician still giggles about it. At least I know where I rank.

Nugget is a good one! Better than cat I believe.


Uh, I feel ya. The one and only word (and now we're not even sure it was a real word) we've gotten from D iiiiis: broccoli. Seriously.

And Wood, if she's stuck on balls, maybe Juniper being an athlete isn't the worst possibility...


stefanierj, oh no you dih-ent!



Chichimama, I've read that "cat" is often among the top five, even if there's no cat in the house.

In our case, "Gus" (our rabbit) came before "dada" and "cat" and "duck" came long before "mama." Two of her most recent words? "Suckah" and "Hack!" No lie.

Still don't think she can say nugget.


If my as yet unconceived child's first word is "Rudy" I am going to stick him back in my belly.


Oh, T'pon... you have such a gift of the written word. Ouch! My sides hurt.

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