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Wednesday, January 11, 2006



does a comment stalker like me get to count as a delurker? during your goddamn month-long hiatus I came every day and wimpered away like a wounded puppy.


Hey, we are IN-clusive here at casa t'pon. EVERYONE counts.


what dutch said.

I'm sorry excuse for a lurker, but in the spirit of the week, I'll pretend.

glad to have you back!



I wussed out and only did a delurking DAY, because since I also am doing the charity thing, I was afraid I would go broke.

But now I remember I only have 8 regular readers. $1 comment here from Nacho!


I think it's great that you're giving money to charity. And the charity you mentioned seems like a VERY worthwhile cause.


I'm physically incapable of lurking. I forgot that I was your first comment! See, you keep me coming back! Now if you will just head back up here to Beavertucky before I move, so I can squish Bean's cheeks just once, I can die happy! Happy DLW!!


Hey Tpon! Glad to have you back and blogging more in the new year!


Hi Tpon! Not a lurker these days, but hi anyway.

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