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Tuesday, January 24, 2006



Great post. Reminds me of the "On Children" chapter of The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. http://www.library.cornell.edu/colldev/mideast/propht.htm#Children A fave book in our humble abode (as you can see with the references to Archer;))


Um, yes. We forgot to tell you that part. For all of the "When will he do this stuff himself"s...you find yourself sad when he does. Sorry. Should have warned you.

And also....these friends with the ranch. I will get to meet them when I move back to Texas, yes? ;)


this hit home with me. up until now (well, up until about 15 mos - she's 17 mos now) foo was miss independent. now she's clingy and needy and cuddly and snuggly -- all the things she never was in her first year with us.

please forgive my tardiness to the tpon party. glad i finally made it! good (funny!) things happening over here.

Andie D.

You figured this out earlier than many of us.

With my first, I was caught up in the "Can't wait until he does X" game. Smile, laugh, hug, say "I love you"; didn't matter. The next thing I know, he's 3 years old and is a little boy instead of my baby.

With my 2nd baby, I KNOW how fast she'll grow. I'm hanging on to every little baby thing she does. I almost don't want her to change.


Okay, now it's letting me post comments. Sometimes things aren't good between firefox and me. But anyway...love this post--it's making me savor the time with D-money a little more. You are so right!


And if you didn't read my comment on your previous post, well, of COURSE you're a MILF/MAWLF. Duh.


Oh, you are a wise woman T'pon. You figured all this out way sooner than I did. Each year I tell myself... THIS is the year things are gonna get "easy". And people nod sagely in agreement. And each year, I realize they were only nodding to get me to shut up.

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