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Tuesday, January 03, 2006



Won't you lose your husband again this weekend when the NFL playoffs begin? I've already told my wife she's on kid duty all weekend.


SD can't grow a beard or a mustache. He doesn't even have the blonde excuse. I'm not sure why and I'm not complaining, I just hope that this will help N. feel better!


Actaully, we are a college sports household. The only reason that N. is showing ANY interest in the NFL playoffs this year is the most unbelievable Bengals season.

Kate W.

Ahhh yes the Bengals. If you want to see crazy NFL guy come on over to my house. HE is a SEASON TICKET HOLDER TO THE BENGALS...sigh He is seriously going to have a heart attack. It is embarrassing-really. At least the obnoxious amount of money he spends on tickets is finally paying off.


Ah ha ha ha!! You are so funny, loved the pics and the commentary.

Funny, Firedaddy decideded to grow a beard (boatee is more like it) too. He didn't even tell me, I just figured it out when it started coming in.

He can grow 'em, but boy do I hate kisses from him while it is coming in. For two weeks now, they've been PAINFUL!

We are Bronco's fans here. Go Bronco's!


Sorry for the typo... meant goatee, not boatee. Geez.


Sheesh. I grown a better beard than he does.

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