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Wednesday, January 11, 2006



Don't ever let N convince you to move to Ohio. When we lived in TX, I had about 8 or 10 lbs that I wanted to lose. Then we moved up here and I packed on another 25 lbs within three months. Ohio makes you fat. It's insane. I only have six more months here. Hopefully we won't go someplace even fatter!

Liz C.

Hi. Here I am, I do read your blog. Now you know. I have a blog, too, not that it matters since I didn't leave a link. but if you felt like swinging by and saying, "hi", email me, and I'll email back a link to it. so there, not "lurking", anymore.


Girl, you gotta give that shit BACK. I mean, it's not like he can wear cute pants anyway. Selfish bastard. (I'm sure he's a very nice dog.)


Yeah... what MIM said!

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