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Wednesday, February 01, 2006



I lurk therefore I am. My dog Holly is pulling the same drive-by knock-over trick as Cole. Miles usually starts crawling away when he hears her running. But he loves him some doggy kisses, preferably with tongue. Also, great blog.


"Wubbies," love it!

Wow, I can't believe Bean is gonna be one. Time flies. I was noticing the other day how much he looks like you. At least in the pix on your flickr site. He's such a happy guy. Give him birthday kisses for me! Maybe I can come meet him, since I am indeed moving back to TX this summer. YAY me!! Save me some BBQ! (But save it in the freezer maybe. Not a big fan of furry BBQ!)


Happy Birthday Bean! No rush on the MeMe, girl. You got real life to tend to. Good luck!


yes, i'm still lurking. i've had a lot of catching up to do. but i'm here and laughing my ass off. so thanks for that.


:) hope you had a nice weekend. My parents came for a visit, and then my mother in law decided to come for a visit too. It must have been some sort of unannounced holiday for parents and inlaws to visit their grandbabies. :)


You're welcome! It was me that nominated you. You were the first crazy hip mama that came to mind when I was thinking of who to nominate.

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