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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Sandra D

I used to believe that if you got shot anywhere on your body, even on the tip of a finger, you would die.


As ehe youngest of three, I was told many lies. One day as the three of us were sitting at the dinner table, I was sent to retrieve something from the kitchen. Upon my return I find that the spinach on my plate has multiplied. Of course says my siblings, raw spinach will do that. My mom supported the lie. Lets just say that it took me many many many years to get past that one. I was well into high school before I found out the truth. Now at the age of 30 something I am just reaching a point that I can eat it and not yak. I wonder now as I stare at this bundle of joy that has me awake at 4:30 am, what kind of crap am I going to put into his head? Intentional or not. I am so freaking mad at my family for that spinach thing. Jerks!


I have loved the Beatles since my early days (my parents were children of the 60s, what can I say?). Of course, when I was 3, I thought they were 5 (why 5? Dunno) cartoon-character Japanese beetles who lived inside the speakers of our hi-fi (yep, that's hi-fi, not wi-fi, you young'uns).

I also believed that the more commercials a company had, the worse they were doing financially. I remember being so afraid McDonald's would close because I saw their commercials ALL the TIME.


I thought that if you left the television on channel zero (the static) for too long it would explode. A friend's sister told me this would happen, and I believed it for far too long.


Having an aunt named Fredda, I believed there was this famous female dancer and movie star also named Fredda. Fredda Stare.


I believed that anything "I set my mind to was possible." I was so convinced of this that I decided I was going to be a pegasus and flapped my wings on the playground, knowing that if i flapped for long enough, I would fly away. When it never happened I was furious with my parents, especially after every kid in first grade called me a freak after that.


I believed that the lyrics to that commodores song "she's a brick. . .house" were, "she's a bitch, ouwww!"

I believed that monkeys lived insides speakers with tiny little drum sets making music for us.


when i was a wee tot, i was under the impression that willie nelson shot j.r. ewing on dallas. my family still likes to give me hell about that one...


I thought the word "sell" meant "stale" b/c I was always told to check the "sell-by" date on the milk we bought. So, I thought that "by March 5, this milk will be sell".

This isn't really something I believed but rather two things I didn't understand: one, why cars waited for other cars to clear out of the way before turning left. Like if you're turning left you wait for the other cars in the other lane because of the simple laws of physics that if you don't, you'll get hit. But I never understood why you had to wait. Also I never understood why you would give bills AND change when you bought something, like if your purchase is $2.08 you give $5.08 so you don't get .92 cents back. But I never could figure out why people did that.


I thought that I had to sleep, on the pillow & under the covers, with ALL my stuffed animals or else they would be sad.....deeply wounded. I had to rotate them each night so they each got proper "close to me" time. I had at least 12 stuffed animals in my twin bed. Did I mention I am an only child.


I believed that all dogs were boys and all cats were girls. Mind blowing, no?

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