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Wednesday, February 08, 2006



You should've said, "That drum kit is for Grandma's house ONLY."


I know you were so proud.

Yes, my kids got an instrument kit like that once. It's still at Gray & Gram's house. And there it shall stay.



The picking will never, ever stop now...especially when you're in public and someone starts to say how cute your kid is until he sticks his finger so far up his nose that the person turns away in disgust...oh wait, maybe that's just my kid!


We got a train set...the obnoxious one with the bells, whistles and "all aboooooard" sounds? Yeah, that'd be us. It lives in the attic until Gramma and Granddaddy come to visit.

And as for nose picking, well, I think Bean is now qualified to pick his OWN wing man...and Heavy D is ready to apply!


So THAT's why my sanity is slowly slipping away... we have those same musical instruments in our home. Making a note now to get rid of them... post haste.

T'pon... you never fail to make me laugh. Nose goblins, ah, my aching belly. I totally know what you mean, I have always had to same obsession. But the way you describe it is just... brilliant.

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