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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Mama Mia

Hi there. I don't really have any advice because I only have one child so far, but I read a great post related to this on Dotmoms.com It might provide you with some insight. I don't know how to link to the post here, but it's called "Prenatal apologies" and was posted on 1/22/06.


I know what you mean, t'pon. I grew up as an only child too, and even though I know I want more than one, I feel completely unprepared for all the sibling issues. so for now we're waiting. It'll be at least a couple of years.

congrats, though -- on being ready to try. My fingers are crossed for you.


I remember clarly having a converdation with my husband like, "Would you be freaked out if I said I only wanted one child?" Our son was over a year old and I couldn't imagine loving anyone as much or dividing myself between them. he said that night it wasn't a matter of division but of multiplication. Your heart grows. you adore your parents, your friends, your cat...and then you meet your husband and you think, ok, this is IT and then you have a child.

On a much smaller scale, it reminds me of finishing an amazing book and feeling like, "Well now what in the hell am I supposed to read? that was the best it's ever going to get." But then you find another book down the road and feel the same way.

One day, I just felt it. Was ready for number two. She arrived 10 months later and all I know is, he was right. It's different and it's the same. They hold different places, but each as powerful.


uh, yeah-a couple typos there. No, I'm not drunk. Just distracted.


uh, yeah-a couple typos there. No, I'm not drunk. Just distracted.


I have two and they are 2 years and 5 days apart. I felt that way for a while - how could I possibly love more, feel more, want to share my time with another little one?

And I loved being pregnant - when I wasn't feeling like crap, it was awesome. And with the second one, I very very rarely felt like crap.

And then he was born and the moment, the second, the *instant* he came into this world and I looked at him - I knew. I knew it was the best thing to happen and yes, *cliche alert* I felt complete.

Mega Mom

My first baby was my world. Adorable, happy, smart. Perfect in every way. How could another baby ever compare?

Then my heart was born. Sensitive, soulful, brooding. The best cuddler I've ever met. Perfection doubled.

Then came quite another species. Wild from the day he was born. Full of fun, naughtiness and bad temperament. Perfection? Maybe not, but I'd do it over again in a heartbeat.

I love them all the same. But all differently. Each one is my favorite. My favorite 5 year old, my favorite 4 year old and my favorite 2 year old.

And I think maybe, just maybe, I'm going to make the trip one more time.

So how do you add another without losing what you had with the first? You just do.


All I know is that my childhood memories are fondest when my siblings were there with me. It has made all the difference through growing up and now, as an adult I couldn't imagine life without them. I'm not ready to "try again"just yet but i'm hoping soon so Arch can kick-it with a sib like I kicked-it with my little bro-fo. Good times, good times.


Thanks to all of you who took some time away from the MIM debacle to remind me that this whole business of parenting is a leap of faith and that adding another bundle to this merry band of miscreants is really no different.

perhaps, I just needed some reassurance.


It just... works. I can't explain it, and up until the day my second son was born, I couldn't comprehend how I would love another like I loved my firstborn. But I did, the moment he was born.

The sibling rivalry is hard. Everything is harder about having more than one. Two is more than double the work. BUT - it is WAY, WAY more than double the love.

And, I suppose, that is why it works.

I pulling for N's guys and your bits!

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