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Monday, March 27, 2006



Am I being a bitch by not getting involved?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
A thousand times, no. Especially at the very sane distance of 1200 miles, no.
Ever see the movie "War Games"?
The only way to win is not to play.

rachiepoo offers the advice to do what we like to call "stay low", and keep your own council, hot stuff. nothing good can come from this, and your position as favorite was hard-won. sil will have to nut up and be a big girl. oy and vey. i need a tpon fix. smooch--rmg


I would stay out of it too. Whenever I get involved I always regret it later (when everyone has decided to be mad at me instead).

sleeping mommy

I'm with you on this one. STAY OUT OF IT. Nothing can be gained by getting involved and it will probably all just get worse--for you--if you wade into the fray.

By the way, I WISH my inlaws didn't know about my blog so I could share how TRULY nuts they are. So loving this post.

Mega Mom

No, I'm with you. They are all grown-ups. You can only gain by taking the high road. Your BIL should grow some balls.


stay out of it, girl. i had a similar situation over the weekend with MIL. whenever i open my mouth i get in trouble and trouble flat-out sucks.


Wow. I wish I could could vent on my blog. I told my whole extended family about it.

Also, I agree with everyone. Stay out of it. You stay clean, no matter what happens.


God, I love your in-law stories! You keep it so real, and as always gut-busting funny.

I refuse to give advice here, because I give bad advice.

Me personally, I'd get involved, because I have an opinion on everything, and have a hard time not sharing it. Which is bad. Really, really bad. So see? I'd tell you to do what I'd do, and that would be giving bad advice. So there you have it. Just do the opposite of what I'd do and I guess it'd be good advice.

P.S. I looooooovvve the new picture at the top!


SO, just for anyone still checking in. I got involved. I KNOW... but in my defense, i only said anything because I wasked point blaknk asked by one of the parties in question.

I am thinking that if this whole motherhood thing is a bust, I might have a career in tight rope walking with the Passive Aggressive Circus.


Damn you, typos! On my own site. UGH


Damn, girl. I was all set to say good for you for not getting into it. Oh, well. You had no choice really.

Something tells me I'm glad I didn't get to meet them when you were up here. Yikes!!


Oh, my. Keep us posted on the fallout. And keep the in-law stories coming, girlie. Hoo-weee! I am SO GLAD mine don't know about my blog.


PS LOVE the green shirt pic. LOVE IT. And veggie booty--LURVE IT.


Okay, so you were asked point blank -- by whom? And then what happened? Inquiring minds want to know!

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