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Thursday, March 16, 2006



We missed you!! So sorry your absence wasn't something fun and sexy. Give Bean a germ-free kiss from us, and hey, just think in 4 short months, we'll be 1000 miles closer to you people (which is to say, still 1500 miles away, but hey--)


Oh, hon. If it's any consolation you writing about being sick is one of the best things I've read all day.

Latex glove hugs and purell kisses!!

Jennifer Sturgill

wow. my sympathies. i have never commented on any of the many blogs i read but i kept checking this one and seeing nothing new...i was actually worried! thinking perhaps you had been kidnapped by aliens or the bean had gotten horribly sick or something...which i guess is kind of what happened. (not the alien part but the sick part. of course.) anyway, nice to see you back on the interweb. i share your obsession with digging for 'boogies' in my baby's nose, also. glad I'm not the only one. hope you're feeling better soon!


What an awful month you must have had. Really, is there anything worse than a whiny, clingy, miserable sick kid ... especially when you are sick yourself?

I'm glad you posted, though. I was really concerned about you.


thank you so much for all the well wishes... it really means a lot.


Little late... but I am sending some Wubbie love your way.

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