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Monday, May 01, 2006



Go see "The DaVinci Code" and then tell me if I have to read the book before going.


that is exactly the movie I would have seen if I had a day by myself. Glad to know you give it a thumbs up -- I might try to go next weekend.

Is Jeff Daniels really in it? the internet says he is, but he's not in any of the trailers. ??

congrats on the mental health day. are things easier this week?


LMFAO- i can't wait to rent stick it! HAHHA.. i live for cheesy teen shit!


I have seen only 5 movies in the theater since L. was born in 2001. 3 of them were children's movies. But I really did love Curious George. Really.

Since I won't get to see The DaVinci Code, I'd love it if you could see it for me.

An I love Milk Duds.

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