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Wednesday, May 10, 2006




Frankly, I think even my not big/not small C-cups are a giant pain in the ass. And the whole Oedipal thing about men and breasts really freaks me out. My dear one thinks I'm joking when I tell him that. But really. I'm not.


I am SO with ya, here. Let's knock that silly wench on her ass. I've asked the docs repeatedly about mammary donation procedures, but apparently, they don't do it! What? But there's plenty of poor AA-cup women out there who would love to have my surplus boobage! I've tried offering them the temptation of being pioneers in medical science and just think of how their name would become famous and statues erected in their honor, but alas, they still won't take the bait. hey... maybe the doctors are in league with the titty fairy?


Unlike my other "small-sized" sisters, I was not completely prepared (nor thrilled) with the ginormous proportions of my boobal region when I got pregnant. I'm a runner, and though my chest caused me endless remorse as a teenager, I learned to enjoy the ability to run a few miles without a lot of boob bobbing. The sweaty combination of big saggy boobs and a not-yet-deflated-post-pregnancy belly...is just a gross feeling. I don't miss it. I feel your pain...or I did.


Um, sorry, can't go with you on this one. What I will do, however, is offer to take any boobage you feel unequipped to handle. Trust me. These bitches are like socks with golf balls in the bottom now, and they. need. help!!!

So send that TF over here!! I'll distract her but good!

Jessica A Kirkwood

I was a 32F (F!) BEFORE I had my first child. Now, after two, I am too afraid to go to be fitted even though the nursing bras must DIE. The whole "grapefruits in the end of socks" look combined with the serious (and nearly too heinous to utter) BACKFAT leaves me trembling at what the results of the fitting might be... I've been trying to figure out how to convince my insurance company that I need a reduction. I've been standing in the mirror practicing my wince while saying, "Oy, my achin' back!"


I am in! Let's take her out!!! I got fitted right after I stopped breastfeeding........horrible experience but it must be done! I have offered smaller busted friends a deal---they pay the co-pays for a breast reduction for me and they can lay on the table next to me and have to doctors "share my boobage" with them. No one has taken me up on that yet but I am not giving up hope!!!


Somebody should kill that fairy beyatch! She and the goddamn inventor of viagara should be put in cement shoes and sent down the river. I hope her tatas keep her bobbin' to the surface a few times before the rock and the cock drag her under.


Count me in too! And if you ever go after that bastard Mr Gravity who is hanging on my DD's and draging them to my knees I'll help with that as well !!


Still wearing my nursing bras though I weaned 7 months ago BECAUSE NONE OF MY OTHER BRAS FIT.

Also have the lovely shelf for plates and cups and for dropping food on -- every shirt I own has a stain right there.

Hear you loud and clear.


sheesh, I am glad I am a guy

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