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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Kate W.

You should sit down before reading any further... ready? My husband came home from work yesterday giddy with joy... why? because when he went to CFA for lunch, they were giving out a sample of their new MILKSHAKES! He said they were wonderful and had real whipped cream on the top and his only wish is for the end of the month to be here soon so he can go buy a giant chocolate one. He is a nerd, I know.


I teach art at a week-long pediatric cancer camp. One guy who serves on the board with us owns a Wendy's franchise. He brings to camp a Frostie machine and for one week we have Frosties 24-7. Nothing washes down the nasty taste of oral chemo meds like a big 'ol chocolate Frosty! So...for that reason I'm a big Frosty fan.


Oh dear, I needed this post today. After pre-school we were all in a funk, so on the way home I stopped for McD's fries and 3 sodas for our afternoon snack. I felt equal parts glee and guilt.

Now, the ultimate:

McD's fries.

Schaller's burger - on a hard roll, mustard, ketchup, extra pickles. It's a local joint 'round my hometown.

Coke, red plastic cup, crushed ice. Preferably poured from a pitcher. Like at P*zza H*t.

I'm not big on the milkshakes. I think I would go with a DQ whatever they're called, you know, when they mix in the Oreos.

Ahhhh, lard on a plate.


MickeyD's fries

WhiteCastle burgers

A&W onion rings

Fountain Coke. Crushed ice. Twirly straw.

Frosty. Mmmmmm.

(wiping drool)


Remember when Taco Bell used to have Steak Soft Tacos? They were heaven.

I think I like ALL fast food french fries. But McD and CFA are tied for the best.


I'm from Texas but now live in Chicago. I once drove 80 miles north to Wisconsin, to get something from the nearest Chik-fil-a. I miss it. It hurts so bad.

dutch from sweet juniper

the short-lived Fast Food franchise Rax had the world's greatest mint chocolate chip shakes. I'd pay $80 for one of those right now.


mmmmm, burgers. just had one tonight. it's my maternity staple. burgerville here in portland rocks my nation (all wind-powered energy, natural beef and fresh strawberry shakes!), as does roake's out near the airport.

but my virginia roots are aching for some chick-fil-a. nevermind the fries, hand me a fried chicken sando!


First time reader - I'm loving your style. Thanks for cracking me up at work!
As for the ideal menu:
Fries: McD's or Chi*k-Fil-A (I used to work there and subsisted on these bad boys, right along with their grilled sandwich)
Burger: J*ck-in-the-B*x Bac*n Bac*n Cheeseburger
Drink: Tac* Bel/ because they have my most beloved of drinks in their fountain - Mt. Dew C*de Red.
Shake: DQ, hands-down. But only malted.


YOU ARE A JOY!! Thank you for a delightfully picturesque fantasy voyage through the heavens of tastefully sensory ecstacy. Your gift for visual transport is greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

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