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Tuesday, May 30, 2006



Ha ha! Yep, you need a new dr.'s office. You are now the stinky ass gal.


No - you are pregnant! Pregnant people are notoriously farty. I am SURE that the OB people have seen this before.


In our house we call hummus "Fart Paste" because that is what it is. All items that include the Garbanzo - or a relative of the Garbanzo = instant GAS-O-LOT.


Hahaha! Thanks for the chuckle, Tpon. Glad to hear that you passed your gas!


I got a good laugh from your post. Thanks. And I'm glad you resolved your little problem.

But here's a serious observation: implicit in your mother's whackiness, and your own story here, is the gas-sumption (sorry, I couldn't resist) that nothing embarassing has ever happened to anybody else. Let it go! (Sorry, couldn't resist). You were not the first, nor will you be the last, person who ever had a fart that could peel paint off the wall!


That's awesome!


First time commenter (I think)... but I had to buttinsky here and say that I agree with those above that said you probably aren't the first they've had this experience with. You're pregnant and hormonal and all that jazz, and a little emotional outburst when your abdomen (!) hurts (!) makes more sense than calmly walking around saying "hohum, I have abdominal cramps and I'm pregnant, so what?"
I think I almost wet myself with fear the first time I got bad gas (oh, and I so did) in my first trimester. And it happened with both kids.
You aren't alone; keep your good doctor. They're hard to find.


Oooops! Looks like I have commented here before. So: dele 'first time commenter'; ins 'second-time commenter.' Thanks. Heh.


Just to put everyone's mind at ease... I am not going to leave my ob becasue I farted. Lets be clear... this woman has seen my "special parts" no surprising her.

although, I have been looking into some lovely wigs and large sunglasses to get past the nurses station...


i am sorry, but pregnancy paranoia is NO good reason not to go back there. you say you like your ob's care?

did you hurl epithets at anyone? did you hurl a candy dish at anyone? did the fart occur at the office with others in earshot? did you tell anyone to F-off? did you miss the cup and pee on the floor and neglect to clean it up? okay then.

well, i am glad you have at least come to the realization that you will not go in search of a new OB unless you get those special parts crispy fried.

um, and on the gas tip...17 seconds is my record. whatchu got?


Well, anyone have the right to change OB...

A friend of mine did several times. I wrote about it in my blog.

Tater and Tot

First time here - and I feel so welcome! That is a hilarious post! At least it didn't happen while you were at the doctor's office. Although you may not have had to worry about the embarassment then because everyone would probably have keeled over. Worse that being sprayed by a hippo? I had the unique pleasure (?) of seeing a hippo poop a few months ago, and I must say, it.ain't.pretty.
I am very excited, however, that you feel better and that it wasn't anything serious, seeing as though belly-cramping when pregnant is generally not a good thing.

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