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Wednesday, June 14, 2006



You MUST come meet my Ted. They would get along like gangbusters.


heh. I think it's more like "what two minutes of free time will cost you." sorry about the laptop.


You're right, he is cuter than cute. Salt and vinegar chips AND chocolate sauce might be a good preggy combo....

Oh, The Joys

That boy is SO cute! Gush.

auntie rae wants to EAT HIS FACE! i miss you people. camp crazy almost ate me alive this week. i am going to resist the urge to go home and drink heavily, because that would not be modeling good behavior. geeze oh man! i need some casa tpon time! --rmg


What a cutie!! It is definitely a job keeping up with and keeping these little guys out of trouble!!


Hi, found you through CHBM. My daughter LOVES to pop the keys off my laptop. Nip that habit in the bud immediately or suffer the consequences. And FYI, you can purchase single keys and brackets from the entreprenuerial minded folk of ebay.

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