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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Oh, The Joys

Hooray!! So happy to have you back!

My daughter was born last August - and I am in Georgia, so I FEEL THE HEAT with you. It was awful to be big-aff pregnant in the heat...with a toddler.

Hang in there.


WE MISSED YOU. And may I say that if you are even surviving being pregnant with a toddler in the heat (that sounds like a solution to the Clue game: she was knocked up, in Austin, corralling a toddler), you are a better woman than I. Seriously. And I mean that in the most Homestar kind of way.


hello, hello,
sounds like a big summer for all. hope you are feeling fabulous (it sounds like you are).
thanks for the update.


Already a liar! It's been 5 days! Tell me more about momma OB's visit!


I know that I am late! My in-laws are in town which does not provide me with a whole lot of t'pon time... banzo revealed coming shortly.


I am looking forward to this portrait of your mother... did you get your kick ass sense of humor from her? Or BECAUSE of her?

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