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Friday, September 22, 2006


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I am about three more days with out naps behind you.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

See. To prove my point I can't even remember that without is one word.

Laura S.

True, we were laughing . . . but ONLY because Bean is soooo CLEVER!

But, YAY!, you're all sleeping again! WooHoo!

At least all you had to do was lock the door and not brick it up like they do in the cartoons. And don't worry about CPS, Mary and I will vouch for the fantastic job you did trying to outsmart the little monkey so you wouldn't have to lock him in!

Oh, The Joys

Owen beat us at this game and won the big boy bed. Also, our house...no locks on bedroom doors. Just. Doesn't. Have. Them. Sucks to be us!

congrats on winning the battle. the war, i'm sure, is far from over. wait til bean wants to drive, and stay out past curfew with cute girls...chastity belt, anyone? love you guys-rachiepoo


I'd only not forgive you if you hadn't shared your secret. I am so glad my friends in the computer are smarter than me!

Oh, The Joys

Hey there! Congratulations on the MOTW thing at CHBMs! I know you were saying you'd been on there since the dawn of man, so I'm so glad you finally got the recognition you deserve!!


Lawyer Mama

I understand the guilt, but a little latch on the outside of the door can save sooo much sleep! Your Bean is adorable. Congrats on MOTW.


Hahahaha!!! I love how you ended this. The suspense was killing me.

And hey - congratulations are in order, I see! I am so glad you got the award you were so proud of not getting for so long. Glad I nominated you :o) Because you truly are one crazy hip blog mama.


Love it. And for the love of all things holy...a happy mom means for happier kids..so yes, do whatever you must!


I know many a mom (and dad) who have done it. It works. Love your writing. Congrats on MOTW.

Fancy Dirt

My daughter is now 24 and wonderful, but as a wee tyke she pushed us to the same place you are in. Back then, her fake middle name was Relentless.

She survived the lock and we got some sleep. I actually forgot about the lock, a simple hook and eye type, until my husband reminded me, recently, that we actually had to do that for a while to keep her in her room.


We had to do the same thing. The locks went up when my 2 year old came running into my room at 3:00 in the morning and handed me some sharp scissors. Don't feel guilty feel rested! :)


We are among the guilty as well. Fear not, boundaries are important things to learn about. He'll thank you when he's not compelled to climb into bed with his college roommate because it's thundering outside.

We do what we must and we all must sleep, including him. Teaching him how is part of the gig.


Dude, whatever works.

I just found your blog and have been reading all the archives, you are too funny! My husband and I are expecting our first (a boy!) December 6th. After reading about your adventures with the butterbean, I must say I'm beginning to become a little worried..are boys really easier? Who says this????
Hope you update your blog soon!

Imperfect Christian

How could you? How dare you?? What are you thinking?? (Are you over the guilt yet??) Safety first, girl. Do what you gotta do!

Mitch McDad

I echo heather...dude...whatever works!!!

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