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Saturday, December 09, 2006



What a doll! Congratulations!


Welcome home, indeed! I was beginning to wonder.

He is practically edible, he's so cute!

Oh, The Joys

Welcome back! You've been missed.

Congratulations on the new addition.

Also, check in with CHBM's - I think I saw your site listed as being "kicked to the curb" for not posting.

can't wait to see the new edition. he's cute as a button. much love--rachiepoo


LOVE the little one--how sweet! I want to eat him up, seriously. And babe, how huge was he!!! D was only a bit bigger and he was right about on time. Gah. Go you for getting that kid out. Ice cream for dinner for a week.

And as an aside, I will personally kick some CHBM booty if they kick you to the curb. Guidelines are made to be broken, people!! You've obviously been busy making the world's cutest infant. Duh!


Congratulations!! He is so adorable. I'm glad you're back!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah


It's good to have you back.


So good to have you back! Your fans from the tropics welcome you back with open arms. Congrats again your new little man. xo.


How wonderful! Congratulations. And I promise that going from no children to one child is a lot harder than going from one child to two children. You'll all do beautifully.


First, let me say I'm embarrased that I have not been by before now.

Second, Congratulations! What wonderful news!

Third, that photo up there - Whoa, he's gotten big!

And your arms look totally buffed too.

Anyway, congrats and I hope all is well!


I've been thinking about you lately, figuring Banzo must have been born by now. Congratulations... he is gorgeous! Looking forward to more great stories.


Gorgeous! TPon! Congrats to all!

Imperfect Christian

He has the same stats my son did! Welcome home!! Congrats!


Geez, nothing like being over a MONTH late! Sorry it took me so long to get over here. I actually just popped back up over at flickr and saw the pix of Banzo, so I scurried over here.

He is beautiful and looks an awful lot like his Mommy! Congrats to you all. I may have to make a quick tripo down there to pinch those little cheeks soon!!

it's just a shame your children aren't photogenic AT ALL. and i can't believe you and big daddy each have a mini-me. funny how life works out, huh? love--rachiepoo


Welcome Banzo and congratulations to all of you,


just looked at the new pics. can't believe bean is almost 2! i need to come to austin, and get some baby-fix. and i could use a good tpon fix, too. i miss you guys. --rachiepoo


Okay, that baby is like 7 mos old by now, so please come back and tell us about him and the 2-year-old. We miss you!!

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